New Tea Sampling Bar at The Ferrell Shop

Enjoy samples of Elmwood Inn Fine Teas at the Ferrell Shop this winter beginning Nov. 12. Read below for why these teas are better than anything you’ll find in a grocery store.

The Ferrell Shop has been selling Elmwood Inn Fine Teas since 1997, and today we carry more than 30 varieties: French and English breakfast, decaffeinated,  Kentucky Blend, Earl Grey, green, white, herbal blends and more! Some are loose; some come in biodegradable sachets, and some are available both ways.

You will not find these quality teas in any local grocery store, and they truly are different! Most grocery store teas are mass harvested by machines, with no regard to the maturity and quality of the leaf. Hand-picking tea leaves is a time-honored method of harvesting that ensures each leaf is at the proper quality and maturity for picking, something a machine cannot do. Also, Elmwood Inn Fine Teas are hand picked in China, Kenya, India and Sri Lanka, while typical grocery store teas are from Argentina, harvested by machine.

Bruce Richardson, co-owner and master tea blender at Elmwood Inn Fine Teas, travels the world to find the teas that this company imports, blends, and packages. His blends ensure that each cup is as smooth and refreshing as the last.

Come into The Ferrell Shop in the cooler months to sample various Elmwood Inn Fine Teas. Sampling begins Nov. 12 through the holiday season. Elmwood Inn Fine Teas make the perfect gift for tea lovers!